The Open Floor Plan

The Open Floor Plan

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This package is great for someone who has an open floor plan. Your main living area will be designed cohesively and beautifully. This package includes a minimum of 3 custom Design Boards.

Open Concept Design Board


What I need from you: photos, measurements and basic inspirations or ideas.

What you get from me: an amazing design with a design board, plan of action and sourced links.

Your design board will be custom and unique to fit your space! It’s a great visual tool for you to see the items paired together and get a good feel for the design. For your plan of action, You will receive detailed instructions as to where to place the items, hang wall decor and how the space should be styled - design made easy! The links for your space will be sourced online and sent to you via email where you can purchase the items directly. 


Who is E-design for? Anyone! We can be neighbors or live across the country from each other. Whether you’re wanting a simple refresh for your space or a full redesign, we can accomplish that with this package.

Timeline? Once you’ve purchased your E-Design package of choice you will automatically receive a confirmation email with your next steps. Expect 1-2 weeks for design board depending on how many spaces you’ve purchased - the more prompt you are, the faster you’ll get your product :) Note: this does not include delivery time of sourced items, as they will vary. One set of revisions is allowed within 48 hrs after receiving your design. 

Note: 3 or more spaces get FaceTime or phone calls if needed. Each space will get their own design board and sourced links.